physicalVisiting the doctor is not just for the sick.  Just as professional athletes need medical care to keep them playing their best, student athletes need to get their pre-participation physical examination (PPE), or sports physical.  With spring sports season on the horizon, a physical exam may help your child deal with a potential health issue in a timely manner.

The best time to schedule your child’s sports physical is before sports season.  During the physical exam, Dr. Doonan will review your child’s medical history in order to treat any possible problems that could put your child at risk.  Afterward, the doctor will record measurements, take blood pressure, and evaluate strength, posture, and flexibility.   In addition, he may speak to your child about the dangers of alcohol, performance-enhancing drugs, and weight-loss supplements.  Because a sports physical does not cover everything, it should be scheduled in conjunction with an annual exam.

As a former pro surfer, Dr. Doonan understands how important it is to be safe in the sports field.  Furthermore, his experience as an athlete will enable him to provide training tips and ideas for avoiding injuries.   In order to be the best athlete your child can be , make an appointment with Dr. Doonan today for a sports physical examination.


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