Every January, millions of Americans make a grand resolution to be healthier.  One of the best ways to ensure that you succeed with your resolution this year is to regularly visit your primary care physician.  However, if you’re like many adults, you might not be so vigilant when it comes to visiting the doctor.  In 2015, take your health more seriously.  When you have a health concern, your first call should be to your primary doctor.  Primary care physicians are trained to help you get the best care at an excellent value, and in a manner consistent with your needs.
Combined with regular exercise and nutritious eating habits, primary care is so important when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  In addition to treating existing illnesses, primary care physicians can help you prevent health issues before they become serious.  As a result, it is encouraged to see your doctor even when you’re not sick.  By making primary care a priority, you are setting yourself up for a long life as your best self.  Make an appointment today.  You deserve it. You can see any of our Primary Care doctors or nurses. Bryan Doonan our Medical Director, Jenny Rhoton, Spring McWaters & Laura McNeil, our Nurse Practitioners, or Rebecca Heston & Matthew Belmont, our Physician’s Assistant’s on staff.

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