It’s important to keep your children safe, and that’s why there are so many warnings on various products. Yes, those toys really do contain small parts and they really are choking hazards.

Of course, not all injuries are a result of a child getting into something (or somewhere) that they shouldn’t. Sometimes injuries can result from day-to-day activities and curiosity.

Below are some of the most common injuries suffered by children, and proper injury care/procedure.


Kids are naturally inquisitive and adventurous; they like to explore things, especially if it’s high up. Unfortunately, this often leads to a tumble or twom and from dangerous heights, the resulting injuries could be severe. While most falls result in little more than scraped knees and ouchies, there are fall hazards everywhere, so it’s impossible to childproof them all or attempt to limit your child’s exposure to them. Instead, control the aspects that are within your capabilities, such as making sure your child wears a helmet when riding a bike and knows where they can and cannot climb safely.

Sports injury

Sports can be an important part of your child’s life, but it can also be a source of injury if you/they aren’t careful. Even though injuries are a common outcome of sports, many types of injuries are extremely preventable, such as a pulled muscle or dehydration. You’ll want to talk with the coach to make sure the players have plenty of opportunity for water breaks and insist with your child that they properly stretch and warm up. Dehydration can be serious, and often requires a visit to the urgent care if it get’s too severe. Encourage your child to stay hydrated during all sports activities, especially on warm days.


Coming back to the curiosity of children, fire presents a particularly dangerous hazard. Sometimes it’s easy to monitor your child around fires and hot surfaces, such as when you’re at a family bonfire. Other times, it can be difficult. Leaving a hot pan on the stove to cool down, matches left out in the open, burning candles, and other things that you might not consider inherently dangerous can be life-threatening to your inquisitive young child. It’s important to keep children away from fires and other hot surfaces, as well as making sure your fire and smoke alarms are up-to-date with fresh batteries.

Even though you may be able to provide adequate injury care for minor ailments, you should take your child to receive professional medical care for severe injuries. There are roughly 110 million visits to the Emergency Room every year, and even some of the smaller injuries call for a visit to urgent care clinics.

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