urgent careJust about anyone you ask has some little tidbit of medical advice that they’d be more than willing to share with you. Most of which was what they learned from their parents or from watching some television show. Even doctors are guilty of giving you some outdated medical advice every now and again.

It’s time to clear the air on some of these common medical misconceptions to promote healthy living and healthy healing.

Let the wound breathe

How many times has someone told you that you should let your wound breathe a little? Probably a lot, it’s a common piece of wound treatment advice that most everyone will give you. Unfortunately, for those who listen, “airing” a cut or scrape actually promotes the death of your cells with leads to scabbing. Yes, scabbing is a good thing in relation to the healing process but scabs also lead to scaring. Keeping your wound properly covered will promote a healthier healing process, avoid wound infection, and aid in preventing scars.

Take medicine at the first sign of sickness

Remember when you told your parents that you weren’t feeling very good and they put their palm on your forehead to check your temperature? If it was high, they’d give you some medicine and tell you to go to bed. Well, in the case of a fever, taking medicine right off the bat can actually hinder your ability to fight it. A mild fever actually helps boost your immune system and fight off the invading microbes, so unless your fever is above 101 or 102 degrees Fahrenheit, you don’t have to take medicine. However, should you be incredibly uncomfortable or your temperature rises, it’s best to visit an urgent care clinic right away.

Sit up straight

Posture is an integral part of avoiding future back pain but the old “sit up straight” advice isn’t all that helpful. It turns out, putting unnecessary pressure on your back by sitting at a 90-degree angle is worse for your back than relaxing at say, a 135-degree angle.

Of course, when it comes to things like getting stitches, it’s better to visit an urgent care center than to practice home treatment. There are roughly 110 million annual visits to the ER and while not all are necessary, if you’ve been injured it’s important to seek professional medical care.

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