pain careWe all know that playing sports can be a great way to exercise, blow off steam, and simply have fun. But a sports injury can completely derail your plans to play. Many times, you can seek pain care at your local urgent care center (though there may be situations when going to the emergency room is an appropriate course of action). Not sure whether you can receive medical care for a certain situation at your walk-in clinic? The following sports injuries can usually be treated at urgent care rather than in the ER.

You Can Go To Your Urgent Care Clinic For…

  • Sprains, strains, fractures, dislocations: If you have strained a muscle, sprained or dislocated a joint, or fractured a bone, you can definitely have your injury examined by urgent care staff. In fact, these are among the more common injuries we treat. Although these conditions can be extremely painful, they aren’t usually considered medical emergencies, which makes urgent care one of the best options around. We can take x-rays, diagnose the source of the issue, and make treatment recommendations that will help you get back on your feet in no time.
  • Cuts and other wounds: If you like to surf or play rough, you might sustain some sort of cut or abrasion. Getting stitches may sound like a job for your doctor or for an emergency technician, but it’s actually something urgent care staff can handle with ease. We can also ensure that your wounds don’t become infected (a particular concern for many surfers) and that your pain care allows your wound to heal correctly.
  • Head injuries: This injury does come with a caveat. In 2012, there were nearly 3,800,000 concussions, as reported by the CDC. Concussions and head injuries can be treated by your urgent care center, as long as you do not lose consciousness, vomit, or experience extreme nausea. Those symptoms could indicate a more serious injury that requires emergency medical care. However, those who sustain a head injury that is accompanied by headaches, ear ringing, sensitivity to light, or sudden drowsiness can receive pain care and medical attention at their walk in clinic (in most cases).

Generally speaking, you can go to urgent care for sports injuries that are not life-threatening conditions. For true medical emergencies, going to the ER is an appropriate choice to make. But for conditions that require quick attention and care yet are not life-or-death situations, urgent care may be your best bet. To find out more, contact your local walk-in clinic today.

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