Note: If you/the person you are with’s cut is causing severe blood loss that is hard to control, close this article and call 911 immediately!

“It is fine, do not worry so much about it! Be tough, it will heal, just take some pain pills”.

“I had a cut like that once, it healed in a few days, look, I do not even have a scar! You will be fine!”

“Ouch, that looks bad. I had a friend that had a cut like that and they ended up with a big nasty scar and permanent tissue damage!”

We all have someone in our lives, be it a family member, friend, or annoying co-worker, who always believes that they know best about medical issues. Maybe they are older and have had a lot of injuries themselves, or they work in the medical field but are not a medical professional (They see patients but do not treat them). Basically, unless your friend, family member, or co-worker is a doctor, nurse, or have extensive experience in a hospital, they likely do not know what is best for you. Telling that person that might be the toughest part of fighting this injury, but we are going to focus on deciding a trip to the emergency room to get stitches is in order. Consider this list when you look at your cut (Or your child’s cut) and decide whether to seek a 24 hour walk in clinic:

Instances When You Should Always See A Doctor

According to research by the Centers for Disease Control, there are about 37.2 million injury-related visits to the emergency room annually. You should be part of this number if you fit some of the following descriptions: There are certain types of people and types of cuts that always warrant a visit to the doctor. For one thing, if you are taking any blood thinners, you need to see a doctor for any lacerations. Severe, unexpected bleeding can occur when a patient on blood thinners has a cut, even if it does not seem serious at first. If you are a diabetic, you likely need medical attention for a deep cut, especially if your blood sugar was testing high that day.

What To Look For

Also, ask yourself this: “Can I close the edges of this cut easily?” If the answer is no, then you should likely go to the emergency room, as this can lead to infection. Preventing infection is one of the main functions for stitches. Another thing to look for is dirt in the wound. If there is dirt in the wound that won’t come out, seek a 24 hour walk in clinic for infection care immediately, as you are at risk for infection. Also, if your cut is due to any kind of animal or human bite, you need to seek a 24 hour walk in clinic for injury care immediately for walk in treatment.

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