Immunization is a process in which a person’s immune system becomes prepared against potentially dangerous agents. Flu shots are a form of artificial active immunization. As the name suggests they are vaccines that keep people safe from influenza (the flu). If you conduct some research you will notice that there are many articles, news, and reports about flu shots and immunization in general. Some of these articles are talking about this process in a negative way. However, most experts agree that this negative attitude is based on misconceptions and the fact that most people are unaware of the benefits that this process brings. If you are one of these individuals, keep reading because we are about to present a few good reasons why immunization & flu shots are good for you.

  1. Flu shots can keep you safe from flu

Well, this is the first and most obvious reason why someone would want to get a flu shot. Numerous studies have shown that these vaccines are extremely effective. In fact, according to some sources, flu shots and immunization have helped Americans prevent about 5 million flu illnesses last year. Even if you are not sure whether you should get a flu shot, you should think about the people around you because this dangerous disease is spread easily.

  1. Immunization can keep individuals at greater risk for their health safe

There are certain categories of people like the elderly, young children, and individuals with chronic health conditions, that can experience a lot of problems from the flu. Just like almost any other disease, the flu can be more serious or less serious. In cases where the aforementioned, vulnerable categories of people are involved, the flu can become a life-threatening disease. This is where flu shots come in the picture.

  1. Flu shots can prevent more dangerous flu outcomes

Another fact is that flu shots can significantly lower the chances of more dangerous flu outcomes including hospitalizations and fatalities. This is something that was proven through analysis of reports coming from different hospitals across the country.

  1. They can ease the illness

Even in cases where flu shots are unable to stop the emergence of influenza, patients can expect a milder form of this illness. It is very important to ease the symptoms of flu because the recovery process will be more comfortable and shorter.

  1. They will not make you sick

This is one of the most controversial topics today. Namely, many people believe that flu shots can lead to a wide range of side effects and health problems. For instance, some say that people can actually get the flu from the vaccine itself. You should know that these are just myths that are completely untrue. The flu shots contain inactivated virus which means that the virus can’t transmit the infection. It is true that there are some mild adverse effects, but these cases are very rare.

We hope that this article will help you understand why you need immunization and flu shots.

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