A new patent from Google could be the next big thing in emergency medicine. Imagine that with the push of a button a medical drone could be dispatched to your location, no matter how remote, loaded with emergency medical supplies. That’s the claim on Google’s new patent for a medical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

According to early reports, the drone will be loaded with emergency supplies such as an EpiPen, ECG, first aid kit, pulse oximetry, blood pressure cuff, and defibrillator.

Google’s vision is to have the UAV be called upon with the push of a button by those in need of help. This call would alert the nearest UAV to fly to the location of the emergency; possibly cutting hours off the time it would take first responders to reach a remote location.

While no unmanned drone could replace the presence of a trained medical professional, it could provide critical support in the time between an injury, and when first responders arrive at the scene.

The new patent also details the complexities of a dispatch and deployment system to ensure a wide area of coverage.

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