Recently we have been seeing quite a few ear infections due to the change in weather and for some, because of the new seasonal allergies. Ear infections are extremely painful and can cause its sufferer a night of tossing and turning or a day of agony! However until you can get yourself or your child to the doctor, there are steps you can take to relieve the pain yourself!

Here are a few of our simple instructions to help temporarily treat these inconvenient pains in the ear!

1. Get an over the counter pain reliever such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. This will help to reduce the inflammation while also treating some of the pain. If its your child needing treatment and they are over the age of 2, go ahead and buy a liquid suspension version to get them the quick relief, without the fuss!

2. Apply heat! Heat on an infected ear can help the glands to produce wax, wax helps relieve pain, therefor temporarily helping with discomfort. So a Heating Pad on low to medium heat or a microwaved wet rag (place a damp rag in microwave for about 30 seconds) should help do the trick. Apply either treatment for 20 min on, 20 min off and repeat!

3. Rest and Relaxation does the body wonders. When we rest, our body has a change to fight off infection and strengthen our immune system. So as busy as your schedule may be, try your best to block out some time for yourself to heal and fight of a nasty ear infection. Your body with thank you!

4. Come in and see us! We have all the proper tools and treatments to help you get over an ear infection in no time. Conveniently open 7 days a week, no appointment needed!

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