With flu season in full swing, doctors are busier than ever working to heal those who have been infected.  Have you ever wondered why doctors are able to stay healthy when dealing with sick patients all the time?  For those of you who have asked yourself this question, Newport Beach Urgent Care is here to relieve your curiosity.


They keep hand sanitizer handy.

Hand sanitizers are just as effective in killing cold and flu germs as hand washing.  As a result, doctors always keep alcohol-based hand sanitizers nearby for a quick and easy way to keep germs at bay.


They get enough sleep.

Being a successful doctor requires taking extra care to be well-rested.  In order to sleep easier, make sure you dim the light, ban electronics an hour before bedtime, and keep your space clutter-free.  Dr. Hutcherson practices another winning approach.  “I do deep breathing exercises.  Sometimes I play relaxing music softly.”


They start the day right.

In accordance with adequate sleep, doctors know that starting the day off with a balanced breakfast and exercise is key to maintaining health.  Incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine is imperative to a healthy life.


They keep surfaces clean.

“Computer keyboards, telephones, door knobs, pens that are given to you when you sign for a credit card purchase or in a doctor’s office — all of these are surfaces that have great potential for harboring germs,” says Neil Schachter, MD.  Because viruses can easily pass from surface to person, surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with antiseptic wipes to avoid catching a cold or flu.


They get flu shots.

Even doctors get flu shots.  With this year’s severe flu season, you should too.  Dr. Robert Pedowitz stated, “The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunizations Practices (ACIP) recommends that everyone get a flu vaccine unless they have a medical condition that prevents them from doing so.  That’s why most of my colleagues and I get a flu shot every year.”



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