getting stitchesIf you are an active person, a clumsy person, or any type of person, really, you know that accidents happen. Accidents that cause injuries occur every day to millions of people.

So let’s say you have an accident, like a slip and fall or a collision in a sporting game, and you’re hurt. It is important to immediately assess the severity of the damage. Can you get back up and take a lap, or do you need medical attention?

If you cut yourself open in one of these accidents, sometimes it can be hard to tell how to handle it. Can you put a band-aid on it, or is it more serious than that? If you think getting stitches might be the answer, read through this guide to determine the proper course of action.


If the open wound is at risk for infection, it probably needs to be closed by a doctor. Six to eight hours after the injury, if an infection is a risk, the wound should be treated by a doctor.

Deep Cuts

If a cut is more than .25 inches deep, then you should consider getting stitches. If these deep wounds occur on the hands or fingers, over a joint, or goes into fat, muscle, or bone, they need to be sown up, according to WebMD.


If you have a cut on your face, lips, eyelids, or any other area that you are worried about scarring, then stitches are probably the best solution. Many of these areas have functional reasons for stitches as well as cosmetic reasons.


If your cut is excessively bleeding for more than 15 minutes, even with direct pressure applied, WebMD says that you need to consider getting stitches.

Urgent Care

If you’ve read through this guide and think you might need stitches, no need to panic. The Urgent Care clinic near you can help you out. Urgent Care centers are walk in clinics that offer medical care for several different conditions. About 60% of Urgent Care centers across the country have less than a 15 minute wait time to see a physician. Also, 65% of these walk in treatment centers have a physician on-site at all times.

If you are thinking about getting stitches, remember to visit your nearest urgent care center for timely medical attention.

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