Thanksgiving is finally here and across the country, Americans are gearing up for one of the most spectacular feasts of the year! Family and friends coming together to enjoy each others company as well as creating valuable memories to last a lifetime. To make sure these memories are positive and injury free, we went ahead and listed a few reminders to ensure your safety. As much as we enjoy seeing our patients, we rather it be an annual physical, instead of “my turkey deep fryer caught fire and I burnt myself” visit. With all the production and preparation, lets also keep in mind  our safety.

The Before. 

– Go through your house and check the smoke alarms. As obnoxious as they are when set off by false alarm, they could be the first one to tell you there is an actual fire too. Something unexpected can catch without you seeing and without that early warning it could be too late to extinguish on your own.

– Next determine where the “Kid Zone” and where the “Kid Free Zone” will be. For there safety, they will need to know where they can and can not be. Little ones can be easy injured in the kitchen. with so much going on, its hard to make sure they will not be burnt or cut.

– Last, lets find a place for our pets. As well as kids, pets can get into areas where they can be injured, so allow a space where they are comfortable but out of danger.

The During.

– Designate a cooking partner, so there is always someone watching the kitchen. With so many things cooking and with multiple open flames, not everything will go as planned. Having a constant eye will help to keep accidents to a minimum.

– Keep things away from the stove that can easily catch fire such as pot holders, wooden utensils, food wrappers, rags, curtains and such. Newport Beach Fire Department works over time on thanksgiving because of small things catching fire.

– What we think is the most important thing to be cautious of is drinking and driving. Watch to make sure everyone leaves at a safe limit of intoxication. In the final hours of your celebration serve coffee and water to everyone so they have a chance to sober up and drive home safely. More than half of traffic fatalities are alcohol related, so please drive safe!

The After.

– All you need to do after a long day of feasting, is to simply walk though your house, check all candles are blown out and any ovens or stove tops are turned off. Its easy as the we slow down to forget simple things like this, so do one last check before letting yourself settle.


Urgent Care At Newport Center, Dr. Doonan

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