There’s nothing better than heading to the beach to catch some waves and sun. The car is packed with coolers and all your surf gear. You even have a first-aid kit for those pesky, all-too-common small cuts and bruises.

What happens when the injury is too big for a first-aid kit, though? According to Sports Medicine Australia, every 1,000 surfing days equals approximately 2.2 injuries. You will be injured and you will need medical treatment at some point.

Since surfing is a part of who you are, you want to be treated fast so you can get back up on that board as soon as possible. There is nothing quicker than heading to a 24 hour walk in clinic right on the beach.

Since about 60% of all urgent care centers and 24 hour walk in clinics have a wait time of less than 15 minutes, you’re likely to be in and out and back on the water in record time. Furthermore, 65% of all urgent care clinics have a physician on-site at all times. The best care possible is available at a 24 hour walk in clinic.

What surfing injuries can you visit a 24 hour walk in clinic for? Well, any injury short of being chomped on by a shark!

  1. Give Me a Leg Up:
    Leg injuries are by far the most common in surfers at 46%. This can cover everything from broken limbs to sprained ankles.
  2. Not the Face, Anything but the Face:
    The next most common surf injuries are to the head and face. These injuries account for 26% of all surfing related maladies. Between the rolling waves and the hard board, no wonder you bump your head. A lot. According to the CDC, approximately 3,800,000 concussions were reported in 2012. Depending on how hard you bump your head and how frequently, concussions can be serious injuries. That is why every second counts when getting them checked out and why a nearby 24 hour walk in clinic is ideal for such injuries.
  3. Ow! My Back:
    Around 13% of surfing injuries are from back and trunk accidents. Since this is your core, it does most of the work while on the board. Don’t risk a deeper, more lasting injury by waiting to get back pain checked out. That 24 hour walk in clinic is looking really good right about now, huh?
  4. Don’t Twist My Arm:
    Shoulder and arm injuries make up another 13% of surfing injuries. Getting hit by the waves from all directions can make you fall at odd and multiple angles. Staying in top physical condition means getting that arm you tweaked on your last trip out looked at as quickly as possible.
  5. Stitch Me Up:
    While cuts and bruises are the norm of any surfer, you will get one that is just too deep to handle on your own. Lacerations from coral or fins will have you needing stitches. Don’t stitch yourself up. Get someone who knows what they are doing at a 24 hour walk in clinic. They’ve got the good meds too!

Being out on the waves is your ultimate thrill and where you find inner peace. Don’t let an injury keep you off them any longer than necessary. A 24 hour walk in clinic ensures you are taken care of quickly and with utmost care.

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