There are almost 840 miles of coastline in California, giving its residents a plethora of room to swim, sail, and surf at all times of the year. When beach-enthusiasts swim all year round, they run the risk of getting injuries that can impact them in both the long and short term. Know these common swimming injuries so that you can get to an urgent care in Newport Beach as soon as possible for treatment.


  1. Bicep TendonitisThis form of tendonitis occurs when the tendons that connect the biceps muscle to your shoulder and elbow become inflamed. Bicep tendonitis is often caused by the repetitive motion of swimmers bringing their arms over their heads. You can tell that you have bicep tendonitis if you feel pain when you move the upper part of your arm, or even when you turn your wrist around to face your palm in different directions. If you feel the effects of bicep tendonitis, it is best to seek medical care as soon as possible at our urgent care in Newport Beach.
  2. Swimmer’s ShoulderSwimmer’s shoulder is another result of going through a constant repetitive motion. The unending motion of lifting your arms out of the water and then plunging them back in can lead to pain and inflammation in your shoulder joint. It most often occurs if you use an incorrect technique or overwork it with long practices or sessions. Swimmer’s shoulder is also known as rotator cuff impingement, as it irritates the shoulder’s rotator cuff and affects its function. Swimmer’s shoulder can avoided by using the proper technique and not overworking it in the water. If your shoulder feels unusually sore, you should seek out urgent care clinics right away.
  3. Breaststroker’s KneeWhile this injury is most common in breaststrokers, as the name implies, other swimmers may also develop it. In a breaststroke, swimmers have to kick their knees far apart and rotate them. This sometimes causes the inner parts of the knee to become inflamed and result in chronic pain. This injury can also be prevented through proper techniques and by warming up correctly.


As soon as you feel atypical pain or soreness anywhere in your body, you should go to an urgent care in Newport Beach for immediate medical treatment. It is always better to address a problem sooner rather than later, or else the injury will only get worse.

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