Expert and Accessible Telemedicine In Newport Beach, CA

With telemedicine and telehealth, enjoy convenient access to a doctor on demand without the trip to our clinic!

Busy schedules, physical disabilities and limited mobility, and contagious illnesses can all make it difficult for patients to come in for the healthcare they need. Luckily, Newport Center Urgent Care has you covered with our telemedicine and telehealth services. Not everyone needs in-person, hands-on treatment. With non-urgent health problems like follow-up consultations, prescription refills, and chronic health management, we’re prepared to take care of you through the power of digital technology!

We value our patients’ valuable time. Our expert medical team is flexible to their needs, providing not just on-site urgent care but convenient virtual telemedicine too. Get the help you need from your doctor with a call or face-to-face video chat via phone, tablet, or computer. We understand that privacy is crucial, and your information is entirely safe and secure, using only HIPAA-compliant virtual channels.

Even without our on-site lab and pharmacy, you still receive a vast majority of your routine primary care from the same professional and experienced team. Our seasoned staff strives to give our patients the first-rate medical care and attention that they deserve. We take pride in ensuring they always have an amazing experience, whether they’re visiting our clinic or calling in at home.

If you’re interested in scheduling an online doctor visit with the Newport Center Urgent Care team, call 949.760.8300 or directly request an appointment here.

Telemedicine Services

Enjoy the same detailed and expert medical care in your home!

At Newport Center Urgent Care, we strive to give our patients the best online doctor care available. Our telemedicine options allow our online doctors to perform a wide variety of medical services digitally:

  • Primary care services
  • Health consultations and follow-ups
  • Monitoring and managing chronic health conditions
  • Planning upcoming treatments with patients
  • Remote digital imaging
  • Online doctor prescription refills
  • Wellness labs
  • Specialist referrals
  • Sick notes for work or school

In addition to providing online prescriptions, our urgent care clinic can simultaneously fill them with our on-site pharmacy. We also provide sick car visits to give our patients fast, low-contact ways to pick up their refills. Your comfort and convenience are some of our top priorities!

Frequently Asked Questions

Telemedicine is a subtype of telehealth that focuses on providing real-time access to clinical services and treatment at a distance via technology. This can be done through online patient portals, phone calls, video conferencing, and more. Some of the most popular telemedicine services include initial and follow-up consultations, specialist consultations, prescription refills, and managing chronic health conditions. Lab results and digital imaging are also often shared with you and specialist doctors to ensure everyone is up-to-date on your health.

Telehealth is a much broader range of digital healthcare than telemedicine. It involves any online and communication technology that our urgent care uses when providing healthcare for our patients. Along with virtual clinical care, telehealth services also encompasses the more administrative side of our practice that patients normally don’t see. This includes online administrative meetings, further provider training and education, communication between specialists and us, and more. All of these help our urgent care be as efficient as possible while offering you the high-quality level of medical attention you need and deserve.

Normally, patients would need to come in and see our medical staff to receive their prescription. However, telehealth and telemedicine allow you to have your medical consultation with an online doctor visit, allowing us to prescribe your medication digitally. We also have an on-site pharmacy, you can fill this online prescription with a quick stop to our urgent care clinic. For patients aiming to minimize their contact with others, you can also use our car visit service to pick up your medication.

Telehealth is incredibly flexible to our patients’ various needs. Through virtual doctor appointments, our skilled medical professionals can provide our patients with a wide array of primary care services. This includes assessment and follow-up consultations as well as planning treatment next-steps. We can also help with mental health services, specialist referrals, electronic prescription refills, wellness labs, and sick notes for school and work.

Our clinic in Newport Beach is open 7 days a week, with extended hours to allow our patients access to first-rate medical care. Monday through Friday, we are open from 8am to 8pm. Saturday and Sunday, our medical team is available from 8am to 6pm. This applies to both in-person and telehealth appointments. If you would like to schedule a virtual doctor visit with us, please don’t hesitate to give our clinic a call or request an appointment online.

Telemedicine can take care of a wide range of preventive and non-urgent medical needs. However, sometimes you need hands-on care from a doctor, such as for a comprehensive physical exam or when an emergency strikes. Some of the most common reasons patients need to come into our urgent care clinic include sports injuries like sprains, strains, and fractures and sick visits for flus, sore throats, bronchitis, and infections. If you’re worried about an in-office appointment, especially if you have the flu or other contagious infection, our team can often help you with sick car visits as well.

How Does Telemedicine Work?

The entire process is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Telemedicine is simple and easy to use once you have everything set up. We’ll send you a link via text, which will connect you to us for your secure and private virtual visit. All you need is:

1. Internet access
2. A smartphone, tablet, or computer with video and audio capabilities
3. A quiet and private place to take our call, such as your home

For some patients, your appointment can be conducted over a simple phone call, while others may need face-to-face video conferencing. In some cases, we can also share pictures, scans, and digital imaging with each other for assessment and diagnostic purposes.

The Benefits Of Telemedicine

Make your next doctor’s appointment easier with all that telemedicine has to offer!

When scheduling a virtual visit with our medical staff, you can enjoy several unique advantages that you can’t get with an in-person appointment.

Convenience and Accessibility
It can be difficult sometimes for patients to come for an in-person appointment for a variety of reasons. Patients may have limited mobility disabilities, live in more rural or out-of-the-way areas, or might not be able to fit a normal visit into their busy schedules. Telemedicine and telehealth cut out the travel and wait times of a regular visit to our urgent care. This can allow patients to have more regular access to the healthcare they need while simultaneously saving them valuable time!

Preventive Care
By improving access to general healthcare, telemedicine also helps those same patients take better care of their overall health. In the long-term, this can help prevent possible illnesses and other issues. It also helps our doctors catch developing problems early while they’re simpler and faster to handle, so you can recover quicker and more completely.

Extended Access to Specialist Care
If you need specialist medical care, telemedicine allows you to easily and comfortably speak to an expert doctor no matter where they are. Our team can also securely share X-rays, scans, imaging, and more with your specialist—and vice versa—to ensure we can help you to our best ability.

Prevents Spread of Infection
The common cold, the flu, and other infectious illnesses are contagious and can be spread from one person to another. With telemedicine visits, you can cut down all potential contact you would otherwise have with other sick patients and their microbes and germs. This is also helpful in the reverse. Online doctor visits may be recommended for patients experiencing persistent coughs and congestion, sore throat, fever and chills, nausea, and vomiting.

Get Medical Care Wherever You Need

Skip the drive and the waiting room while still getting the expert medical care and attention you deserve!

Here at Newport Center Urgent Care, our team uses top-of-the-line technology to give our patients personalized attention and the best experience possible. We always take advantage of every possibility to do so, and this is just as true with telemedicine. Our telehealth services allow our doctors to meet many of our patients’ needs while allowing them the greatest convenience and comfort possible. The system itself is simple, so all you need to do is click the link we provide. From there, we can give you the same level of care that you’re used to from our first-rate medical professionals.