COVID-19 vs. Allergies: How to Differentiate

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Are my Symptoms Allergies or Covid-19?

To determine whether you are experiencing COVID-19 or allergy symptoms, it is essential to undergo testing as both conditions share similar symptoms. Get a COVID-19 test at Newport Center Urgent Care today!

It is common to mistake the onset of allergy symptoms for COVID-19 symptoms, given that approximately 7.8% of adults in the U.S. suffer from seasonal allergies. Due to the high prevalence of seasonal allergies and the overlap of symptoms with COVID-19, it is common for individuals to mistake the onset of allergy symptoms for COVID-19 symptoms, or vice versa, leading to uncertainty about their condition.

Newport Center Urgent Care offers a variety of testing options to help individuals get quick and accurate results. Our tests include Rapid Antigen, Rapid RT-PCR, Lab PCR, and Antibody tests. We provide same-day results for rapid tests in order to help you and your loved ones get the answers they need quickly.
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COVID-19 Symptoms

Research has shown that a majority of COVID-19 patients present more than one symptom. In fact, according to a study published in the Journal of Medical Virology, approximately 90% of COVID-19 patients experience multiple symptoms. Having multiple symptoms is important to note because it can help differentiate COVID-19 from other illnesses that may only present with one or two symptoms.
Dry cough
Shortness of breath
Loss of taste or smell
Muscle or body aches
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Allergy Symptoms

According to the NCCIH, seasonal allergies, also known as hay fever, are triggered by outdoor allergens like pollen and typically occur during specific seasons. It's important to note that other allergens, including animal dander, dust mites, and certain foods, can also cause allergies.

Allergy symptoms can include:
Itchy or watery eyes
Itchy throat or ears
Dark circles under the eyes
Runny or stuffy nose

Key Differences Between COVID-19 vs. Allergies

Duration of Symptoms

Allergy symptoms tend to be more long-lasting than viral symptoms. Allergies can last for weeks or even months, while viral illnesses like COVID-19 usually last for a shorter duration.


Allergies typically make people itchy, which is not a symptom of viral illness like COVID-19.


Patients with allergies do not develop a fever, while people with COVID-19 often experience fever as a symptom.

The Severity of Symptoms

Allergy symptoms are usually mild, while COVID-19 symptoms can range from mild to severe.
COVID-19 vs. Allergies Symptom Chart
You can use this helpful chart to identify your symptoms and aid in determining which health issue you may be experiencing:
COVID-19 vs. allergies symptoms chart
To effectively manage and treat symptoms, accurate diagnosis is crucial. It is important to undergo testing and seek medical advice for proper diagnosis. If your symptoms become severe and difficult to manage, it is essential to seek assistance from a healthcare professional.

Rapid Testing for COVID-19 at Newport Center Urgent Care

Differentiating between COVID-19 and allergies can be challenging due to their overlapping symptoms. Newport Center Urgent Care is here to help and provide you with the necessary testing to give you the answers you need.

If you're experiencing symptoms that could be related to COVID-19, visit us at Newport Center Urgent Care for same-day testing. We offer various testing options, including rapid PCR, lab PCR, and antigen tests, to help give you quick and accurate results. Schedule an appointment online today!

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How long do allergy symptoms usually last compared to COVID-19 symptoms?

Allergy symptoms can last for weeks or even months, depending on the individual and their exposure to allergens. COVID-19 symptoms typically have a shorter duration, lasting from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Can allergies cause COVID-19?

No, allergies cannot cause COVID-19.

How can I prevent allergies?

You can prevent allergies by avoiding allergens and taking medication as prescribed by a doctor.

If I am experiencing overlapping symptoms of COVID-19 and allergies, what should I do?

If you are experiencing symptoms that could be related to either COVID-19 or allergies, it is essential to consult with a healthcare professional and undergo appropriate testing to determine the cause. Accurate diagnosis is crucial for proper treatment and management of your symptoms.
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