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Got an eye infection? Need to handle redness, inchiness, or something in your eye? Newport Center Urgent Care is a quality urgent care center in Orange County, CA. Open 7 days a week, for your convenience.

Prompt treatment is important for eye problems, which can range from infections to allergies, foreign objects, and dryness. It should prompt a visit to an eye practitioner if experiencing pain, redness, or blurred vision. Eye infections are common, especially in children. Treatment typically involves cleaning the eye and applying antibiotic ointment or drops.

Bacterial infections usually clear up within a week, while viral infections may take longer. If you have a minor eye infection, there are a few different treatment options available. Antibiotics are the most common form of treatment, and they can be very effective in clearing up the infection. However, if your infection is more severe, you may need to see an eye specialist for more intensive treatment. In either case, it's important to get prompt treatment to avoid further complications.

If you have a foreign object in your eye, try not to rub the eye. Instead, flush the eye with clean water or saline solution. If the object does not come out easily, seek medical help.

  • Allergies can also cause eye problems such as itchiness, redness, and tearing. OTC eye drops can help relieve these symptoms. If you experience severe eye allergies, you may need to see an allergist for treatment.
  • Dry eyes can cause irritation, redness, and a burning sensation. To treat dry eyes, use artificial tears or eye drops as needed. You can also help prevent dry eyes by using a humidifier in your home and avoiding smoke and windy conditions.
  • If you wear contact lenses, be sure to clean them regularly and follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper care. Never share your contacts with others, as this can lead to eye infections. If you experience any pain or discomfort while wearing contacts, discontinue use immediately and see an eye practicioner.

Most minor eye problems can be easily treated at home. However, if you experience any pain, redness, or blurred vision, it is important to see an eye practicioner as soon as possible.

There are a number of minor eye problems that can be easily treated at home or with the help of a qualified eye care professional. Some common minor eye problems include:


This is a form of eye infection that is usually caused by bacteria or viruses. It is highly contagious and can often be treated with over-the-counter medications.


This is a common problem that can be caused by a variety of factors, including staring at screens for long periods of time. Treatment may involve using artificial tears or special eye drops.


Allergic reactions can cause redness, itchiness, and watery eyes. Treatments may include over-the-counter antihistamines or prescription medications.

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Frustrated with eye problems? Wasting too much time because you can’t see or are rubbing your eyes? Come to NCUC in Newport Beach, CA.

If you think you may have an eye infection, or are experiencing any type of difficulty with a minor eye problem, the best thing to do is to contact our urgent care center or an eye specialist near you. Newport Center Urgent Care can help!
Don't delay in seeking treatment, as eye infections can quickly become more serious if they're not treated promptly.

At our easily accessible location, we offer treatment for a variety of eye conditions, including infections, pink eye, and more. We're here to provide the care you need, when you need it. Visit us today for minor eye problem treatment.
For added convenience, (and because we understand the untimely nature of medical issues), our location offers extended hours, so we can be here for you when you need us most. We are open Monday through Friday from 8am-8pm, and weekends from 8am-6pm. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us at (949) 438-6335.

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Find out answers to the most commonly asked urgent care questions to help you and your family get the best possible medical care in southern CA.
Find out answers to the most commonly asked urgent care questions to help you and your family get the best possible medical care in southern CA.

When should you visit an urgent care center?

Urgent care centers are an excellent choice for non-life-threatening medical conditions that require immediate attention but do not require a visit to the emergency room. Some examples of conditions that can be treated at an urgent care center include minor cuts and burns, sprains and strains, fever, cold and flu symptoms, ear infections, and minor infections.

What are the hours of operation for NCUC?

Newport Center Urgent Care is open seven days a week, from 8am-8pm Monday through Friday and 8am-6pm Sundays and Saturdays.

What types of COVID-19 testing is done at this facility?

We offer both Rapid Antigen and PCR testing for COVID-19. The Rapid Antigen test provides results within 15 minutes and is recommended for patients with symptoms or exposure in the last 5 days. PCR test results are usually available in 24 to 48 hours and is recommended for travel, surgery or certain workplace requirements.

What are the advantages of going to an urgent care center?

Urgent care centers offer many advantages over traditional medical facilities, such as shorter wait times, flexible hours of operation, and affordable pricing. Urgent care centers can often provide medical care and treatment that is on par with that offered by a primary care physician, but without the need for an appointment. Additionally, they often have X-Ray and labs on-site that allow for a more comprehensive care.

How do athletes develop chronic sports injuries?

Athletes can develop chronic sports injuries due to repetitive overuse or trauma to a particular area of the body. This can occur as a result of poor training techniques, lack of rest and recovery, inadequate warm-up or stretching, or simply due to the nature of the sport itself. Common examples of chronic sports injuries include tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, runner's knee, and shin splints. Treatment can vary depending on the specific injury, but may include physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and rest.