Most of treadmill safety is common sense but some helpful tips are not as obvious. Here are our top 5 tips on how to safely use a treadmill, and not end up like this guy.

1. Do not stand on the treadmill as it starts.

Treadmills are designed to start slow and increase speed gradually over time. This is a safety feature that can on rare occasions malfunction. Instead, straddle the treadmill when starting to ensure that a sudden burst of speed does not take you off of your feet.


2. Wear your running shoes

Avoid burns, scrapes, and blisters by wearing properly fitting running shoes. A pair of shoes will also protect your feet from being caught between the quickly moving belt and the sides of the machine.


3. Face Forward

The direction you look is the direction you run. Looking down or to the sides during a workout increases your chances of losing balance and falling or taking a wrong step off the treadmill.



4. Don’t leave the treadmill running

Need to grab a drink? Shut your treadmill completely off before leaving it unattended. A moving treadmill can be potentially hazardous to others who may not be aware the machine is running.


5. Leave lots of space

Even the most experienced runners occasionally fall so it is important to leave space behind the machine to avoid injury. In addition to clearing away heavy or sharp objects immediately behind the treadmill, do not place the treadmill too close to the wall.


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