We use our feet and ankles to conduct many different activities on a daily basis. A foot or ankle injury can prevent us from walking, jumping, running or standing. Both amateur and professional athletes often look for podiatric services in order to optimize the work of their feet and ankles. In addition, sometimes they have to look for a way to treat their injuries – known as sports injuries.

There are many different types of sports injuries and stress fractures, Achilles tendonitis, and ankle sprains seem to be some of the most common types of sports injuries today. Plantar fasciitis and tendonitis are two other frequent sports injuries related to feet and ankles. In cases like this, it is the best idea to look for professional help like the one provided by Newport Center Urgent Care.

The Newport Center Urgent Care team advises the use of the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) method when the injury occurs. If the symptoms and pain are not affected by the RICE treatment, they recommend a trip to their premises. An experienced doctor at Newport Center Urgent Care will diagnose the foot and/or ankle injury by performing a physical exam, taking MRI or X-ray and checking your medical history.

At Newport Center Urgent Care you can expect to the the best diagnosis and proper care and treatment. The best part is that the professionals that work there, have the tools, equipment, knowledge and experience to solve any foot and an ankle problem and sports injuries are not an exception.

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