Comprehensive Annual Physical Exam In Newport Beach, CA

Trust our doctor and staff to keep your health on the up and up with a thorough physical examination!

Your yearly physical exam is essential for staying happy and healthy. After all, the best treatments are the ones that stop problems before they appear—and catch those that are already there before they develop into a bigger headache. At Newport Center Urgent Care, our team of expert healthcare professionals perform high-quality and thorough checkups to keep our patients on track and in shape.

Personalized care is our specialty, even when it comes to a general physical examination. We believe that creating trusting and lasting bonds with our patients is crucial for giving the best and most honest experience. Our urgent care is also equipped with a wide variety of lab and testing devices to ensure we never miss a detail during your appointment. We take pride in giving first-rate medical service to all of our patients.

Our considerate, dedicated staff is committed to fulfilling all of our patients’ needs, even with their routine physicals. We meet you where you are. For patients who don’t want to come into the office, we can perform a complete physical while they stay comfortable in their cars. Any equipment we need for required tests and care can be brought out to you, from blood and lab work to vaccinations and screenings. Count on us to give you first-rate healthcare service however and wherever you need us.

Do you need a physical examination? You can schedule a visit with our team by calling our urgent care or requesting an appointment online.

What Is a Physical?

Let’s take a look at what the physical exam process is all about.

Our physical exams are thorough to ensure we never miss an important detail, no matter how small, with your results. There are several parts to the exam process to give our expert medical team a comprehensive look at your overall health. During your appointment, we may perform most or all of the following, depending on your age, sex, and other health factors:

  • Medical and family history check
  • Body check—respiration, blood pressure and heart exam, head and neck exam, height and weight, temperature, muscle strength, balance, reflexes, etc.
  • Cancer screening
  • X-ray testing and radiography
  • Urinology
  • Blood tests
  • Other lab work and tests
  • Vaccination (standard and travel)
  • Counseling for healthier living
  • For women: breast and pelvic exams, including a pap smear starting at age 21
  • For men: testicular, hernia, and prostate exams

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Frequently Asked Questions

X-rays are commonly used to create digital images of patients’ bones, organs, and other potential problem areas. They work by sending a small amount of radiation, which will travel through the target area, such as your chest or abdomen. Sensors can then create an image based on how well your tissues absorb or block the rays, depending on the tissues’ density. Bones are white in digital X-ray images, muscles and other soft tissues are gray, and air is black.

Our staff may request that you fast between 6 and 12 hours before your appointment if you will have certain blood tests performed. Foods and drinks other than water can skew your test results once they are absorbed into the bloodstream. The most common tests include blood glucose tests, cholesterol tests, liver function tests, triglyceride level tests, basic metabolic panels, lipoprotein panels, and renal function panels.

Unless we specifically request otherwise, please continue taking your regular medications as instructed. However, we highly recommend letting us know about any prescriptions, vitamins, or supplements you are taking before your blood test.

Blood pressure tests use two numbers to gauge whether you’re within a healthy range. The first is systolic blood pressure, which calculates your blood’s force against your arteries when your heart beats. The other is diastolic blood pressure, which measures the pressure in-between beats. Normal blood pressure is below 120/80 mm Hg. Elevated blood pressure rests between 120/80 mm Hg and 139/89 mm Hg.

Sometimes, patients’ blood tests may come back normal even when they have cancer, especially if it is not a blood cancer. Additionally, unusual test results may not always be markers of cancer, either. Other noncancerous health conditions can impact a patient’s test results to fall out of the expected range. For a complete diagnosis, your doctor will need to perform a biopsy.

Our immune systems teach themselves how to stay healthy by learning how to fight germs and pathogens through antibodies. However, antibodies can only be effective through exposure. A vaccine contains a weakened or dead form of a specific disease or illness. Through safe exposure, the immune system learns how the pathogen works and how to create antibodies that stop it in its tracks.

Do I Need A Physical Exam?

While many patients get yearly checkups, certain factors can impact how often they should get a physical exam.

Physical exams are done for health maintenance and prevention. If you are in good general health and wellness, we recommend getting a physical exam every one or two years. Routine checkups help our diligent doctors track your health and catch possible problems early. However, sometimes patients may need a physical examination outside of their yearly checkup:

Locals and visitors know that Newport Beach is a hub for active families and athletes. Sports physicals are often necessary for those regularly out on the field. Many school districts in and around Newport Beach require students to get physical exams before enrolling in sports teams and other after-school activities. If anything happens, such as sprains, strains, and fractures, you can count on us to get you back in the game in no time.

Some jobs and occupations require new hires to get a physical exam either during the interview process or before their first day. Some may need regular blood and lab work done, too. Our urgent care practice ensures patients can get accurate and low-cost employee physicals quickly and easily.

When your young ones are heading off to school, you want to make sure that they’re healthy and ready to go without worry. Checkups let our healthcare providers help your child build up their family and medical history and stay up-to-date on their immunization records and vaccine schedule. We’re also ready to answer any questions you have to prepare for an upcoming happy and healthy school year.

The Importance of Yearly Physicals

See why it’s so crucial to keep your health on track with an annual physical exam!

Build Relationships With Your Doctor
When you need medical care, you want to be 100% sure that your doctor will be there for you, from the initial diagnosis to future treatments. Health emergencies can seem daunting and nerve-wracking, but the right doctor instills confidence and trust in a patient. Annual physicals allow our seasoned and compassionate team to take great care in fostering great and caring relationships with our patients.

Catch Issues Earlier
Earlier is always best when it comes to diagnosing health problems. Our caring and seasoned medical team can better find issues when they’re still developing and in their first or second stages with regular physical exams. This is particularly crucial with dangerous and even life-threatening conditions, like cancer. Quick detection gives us the best chance of successfully treating and curing these health issues, which can be life-saving.

Stay Up-To-Date With Vaccinations
Vaccines work by safely teaching the immune system how to fight specific microbes and diseases. However, vaccines aren’t forever, and our bodies eventually stop producing these antibodies. Annual vaccines, such as for the seasonal flu and other illnesses, are excellent ways of boosting your body’s defenses and keeping yourself healthier throughout the year.

Keep Your Health On Track!

Our team in Newport Beach gives our patients the high-quality care they deserve, even during yearly checkups.

Whether you need a physical exam or emergency service, you can count on Newport Center Urgent Care to be there for you! We are the premier healthcare team for those in Newport Beach and its nearby communities. It shines through in everything we do—even their yearly checkups. Our friendly and attentive staff, state-of-the-art equipment, high-quality treatments, and more all ensure our patients feel confident and cared for when visiting us. We are dedicated to providing incredible service to everyone in need, and we look forward to helping you stay in your best shape!