Muscle tear

Muscle tears in ankles and feet can occur in both children and adults. What is important to mention is that these tears are often under-treated or ignored which usually results in unnecessary suffering, instability and long term pain. In some cases, patients have to opt for surgeries even though the problem could’ve been fixed in a different way if it was addressed in a timely manner. Newport Center Urgent Care is trying to raise the awareness of the importance of comprehensive and timely foot and ankle care in cases of muscle tear.

Swelling and pain on the outer side of the foot and ankle, pain when walking, discoloration and/or bruising of the injured area, feeling of imbalance – these are some of the most common symptoms of muscle tear. Newport Center Urgent Care and their team of experts have experience in treating and rehabilitating muscle tear. The team of physicians assesses the ankle and foot during the first visit, trying to determine abnormal rotation and instability. In this way, they can tell if the muscles are injured and they can determine the extent of the injury. It is possible that they will also take X-rays.

At Newport Center Urgent Care, patients can expect two basic types of muscle tear treatments – non-surgical and surgical treatments. It is good to know that the physicians at this center have experience, knowledge, and training in conducting both treatments. It won’t take much time before you are fully recovered once they finish the treatment.

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